"FC" on your alarm keypad indicats a "failure to communicate". This means that for some reason your panel is unable to dial-out or communicate an alarm signal to the central station. You will need to contact your security provider so they can correct the problem.

Possible Errors:

  1. The conventional phone line has been disconnected.
  2. The conventional phone line is out of order with silence, static, or noisy line conditions.
  3. Alarm Control Panel is malfunctioning.
  4. The conventional phone line has been changed to a Voice Over IP (VOIP) service.

Possible Fixes:

  • For item #2 above, notify the telephone company to correct static or noisy line conditions.
  • For item #3 above, a repair or replacement of the control panel may be needed.
  • For item #4 above, an upgrade of an Broadband Alarm Transmitter to your alarm system should be

More Information about Broadband Alarm Transmitters:

If you have changed your telephone line to a VIOP service (like Vonage, U-Verse, MagicJack) the FC message can be continuous or intermittent. The means that your alarm monitoring is not working or possibly intermittent, and is unreliable in case of an emergency.

The best and most affordable solution for Honeywell (Ademco) and DSC alarm systems is to install a Broadband Alarm Transmitter (BAT). This device installs inside the control panel and connects to any broadband Internet connection. The BAT can then re-transmit alarm signals to any central station through conventional formats (Contact ID or SIA).

The BAT also provides additional features, such as a Virtual Keypad on an iPhone or Android phone, web access for programming the device to also notify alarm users directly by text, email, or direct computerized voice call. It also can provide emailed alarm activity reports on just about any schedule.


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